Dj Knyce (k-nice) is an experienced Dj who has been on top of his music game since 1989 taking his turntable skills all over North America.

Dj Knyce is fully committed to providing you with the ultimate entertainment package that is guaranteed to meet and exceed your entertainment expectation. Whether your
event is geared for high energy, low key corporate party or a personal intimate
gathering; Knyce has the musical
selection, equipment, skills and
capability to keep your guest

Knyce takes great pride in what
he does but his main goal is not only
to play music; it is to ensure that every party
he does is better than the one before.
You will find many DJ's who can get a party started but very few can keep it going.  With Dj Knyce controlling the music at your next event you can rest assure that your guest will be musically satisfied.